Monday, October 25, 2010

Not Quite Tuesday - Genealogy Gems Podcast

In a couple of days, some pictures of a cemetery visit will be posted to this blog. But, there is a story behind one of them.

We just got back from a "day trip" to Rhode Island to see Maureen Taylor, Megan Smolenyak, and Marian Pierre-Louis in Providence RI. They were great.

On the way to Rhode Island, we found the Cemetery where my wife's great-grandmother was buried. Found the plot, with the help of the Cemetery Office, found the headstone with no problem at all. 

On the headstone was the name of a Son-In-Law, but the name and dates were not on the headstone of the great-grandmother, so we ordered the name and dates to be added. This was Friday. On the way home on Sunday, we stopped back, and the name had been put onto the stone. Happy Dance around here all weekend.

The cemetery gave us the Internment Record for the two people in the plot. One for the Son-In-Law, the other person in that plot, Internment Record was a Cause of Death, "Ciortic ancussion". A Google search suggested that the words were typed incorrectly. So a "status" was posted on Face Book, got lots of responses, all with the same conclusion about the Typo. I said from the beginning that I had to find another source of the Cause of Death. 

That is where the Genealogy Gems Podcast comes in. In my email box was a Newsletter that Lisa Louise Cook sends out. In this weeks newsletter was 3 questions. The third was:

Question 3: What's a quick way to find a funeral home located near an ancestor's home?
GEM:  Check out  

Went to that website, browsed to the town where the cemetery is located. Low and behold one of the Funeral Home names, was the SAME name as the Undertaker's Surname on the Internment Record. An email has already been sent to the Funeral Home. Can't wait to see the response from the Funeral Home.

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