Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tombstone Tuedsay - Smith, Tillie

Just completed a Family Tree University course: Cemetery Research 101: Dig Up Your Family History. The awesome Instructor and friend Midge Frazel of Granite in My Blood.

I thought that there were lots of great material, reading assignments, and down to earth exercises. A real task master. The course was a four week course, not over bearing, good pace. One or two "home work" assignments to visit a cemetery. [Midge = Visit a Cemetery. I got that, just read her blog.]

For the third assignment, we were to Choose a gravestone to examine and photograph (if possible). Look at all sides for information. Then we were to Write a short summary. I wrote:

Tillie Smith. She died in Defence of her honor Apr 16 1886. Erected by all Appreciative Public. Has the only known Photograph of her. More information on here can be found here: http://www.hackettstownhistory.com/article_tillie_smith.shtml
The Mystery of Tillie Smith: She was murdered "just of the street" from where I live at Centenary College, then Centenary Collegiate Institute where she lived and worked. This story "shocked Victorian Hackettstown" [quote from the above website].

Here are some Photographs of her monument.

Little different view of the text on the monument.

Notice the wreath has changed. It is changed on a regular basis.

Below is the only know photograph of Tillie Smith

This monument is probably the highest point of ground in Hackettstown, New Jersey
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