Saturday, June 20, 2009

Headstone - Symbols

With the encouragement from some friends, I will be posting some images of headstones and will attempt to provide some information as to what the symbol on the headstone is all about. The pictures using the "Symbol" TAG will not include genealogy information, though there may be some. The cemetery where the image can be found will be included in the TAG for the Blog entry .

There are many other websites and bloggers who have done this, and links will be provided along the way.

A group of Genealogists who are active in "Second Life", and online community, have been building, within Second Life, resources for genealogists. The Tag "Symbols", on this Blog will be used as a reference for the Second Life community.

For further information on this, please check out:

Second Life

and search for Genealogy, Family History, Live Roots, to mention a few.

Within Second Life, there are scheduled Online Chats and presentations by genealogists, including an open forum to help some of us 'unwind'.