Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why is he buried HERE ?

I have been trying to get pictures the head stones of my family and have them in my files, on Find-A-Grave, and on this blog.

Since I have a couple of cousins, in my generation, I thought that it would be really nice if they were online. I knew where most of them are buried, with one exception. Almost a genealogical "brick wall".

Knowing where most of the rest of the family is buried, thought I would start there. No such luck. The Find-A-Grave is one of the first places I look, not there, but that web site doesn't have every one.

Next stop, Ancestry.com. Found him in the normal places, but nothing that indicated where he might be buried.

Now, he was born in 1948 and died in 1972. I knew that he had been killed on a motorcycle. One of my brick wall tricks is to see what hints I might find on Ancestry.com's Member Family Trees. Found him there, but that email address for the contact for that tree was invalid and the user has not been active, based on information provided on the web site. BUT, there was a note about his death, almost missed is, as the note was with his Death Date. "University Hospital from injuries received in a cycle/car accident 09 Aug 1972; Buried Philadelphia Memorial Park, Frazer, Pennsylvania."

Why there, I asked? I know about where Frazer was, but couldn't figure out, "why there". The rest of the family is 10 or so miles away from there.

I looked around Find-A-Grave again. This time, looking for his wife's name. She is still living, but, you never know. Nope, strike two.

So, hopped into the car, with Photo Requests for a couple of Cemeteries "just down the road", as I wanted to visit where the "rest of the family" is buried. Took some of the normal Find-A-Grave Printouts, camera, fresh batteries, the Cemetery Book the Cemetery (small) file box, and off to PA.

Beautiful day for a trip.

Large 100+ cemetery, very few headstones showing. Many, many ground level markers, mostly overgrown, BUT there was an office, that was open and cars parked outside.

The office staff was very, very helpful and have the clue to the mystery solution. Almost felt like the Who Do You Think You Are? TV program, where some one hands you a piece of paper with the Answers. I couldn't get a copy of that piece of paper, but they provided me with the location of the plot, and the other names buried in that same plot.

He was buried with his Mother-In-Law, Father-In-Law, and another family member.

Mystery Solved.

Had to wait until I got home to verify the other relationships that the "In-Laws" had in the family. But, that's another story.

Took a few pictures of the stones that could be seen. Many are below the grass, and I wanted to check out the other Cemeteries / Burial Grounds "just up the road" for more pictures.

A file has been uploaded to Find-A-Grave with 12 new names for that Cemetery, then the pictures will go up.

Will be posting some of these pictures for Tombstone Tuesday, on this blog.