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Flight 93 National Memorial

Sunday, September 11, 2011 - 10 years later
Entrance fo the Flight 93 National Memorial
10 years after the events of 09/11/01, the Flight 93 National Memorial was opened, dedicated the day before (09/10/11).

Over the years, my parents visited many, many National Parks around the country. I'll have to count them one day. My family and I have visited some of them. But, never on the First Full Day that a National Memorial was open to the public.

Within this past year, I visited "Ground Zero", and in May, visited the Pentagon. Ground Zero has always been a problem for me, as my last memory of that the World Trade Center was a visit that my family had with my cousin Bernice, Jody, Julie, John, and my daughters Carrie and Jennie. It wasn't long after that visit that Bernice died, way too young, of cancer. We had a great day, standing on top of the world, the awesome view of New York City, to the west New Jersey, and it Schooleys Mountain had been a little taller, perhaps we would have seen home. But how the compares to the events that took place 10 years ago is not within my capacity to reason.

It was important for Patti and I to visit this sacred ground, on a field in southeastern Pennsylvania. At the last minute, we decided to "take a trip", first to Gettysburg (another story) and the Flight 93 National Memorial. No planning, not knowing what to expect, nor, for me at least, the significance of the event that took place here.

We drove around for hours trying to find a place to sleep, as we had been on the road all day, with a stop over at the Gettysburg Battle Ground. Very tired, Patti went to sleep and I watch the re-play of the Ceremonies that had taken place earlier in the day. Then the reason for our small adventure became clear. To be part of the many, many people you would be at this sacred place to let the Families and Friends of 40 people know, that We Will Never Forget.

Across the field was where the memorial is located. This place had become familiar from the various TV programs that we on TV, specifically in this area, as this is where it happened.

Arriving at the Entrance, we got word that the Memorial would not be open for a while. Based on what we saw in the area, we knew something special was happening. The TV had said that President Obama would be here, and he was. In a little over 3 months, Patti and I had been "so close" to our president, both times laying a wreath. In May, our trip to DC and the Pentagon, at the laying of the wreath at the Arlington National Cemetery.

As we waited, folks were leaving these sacred grounds. By now, some of the faces were familiar, but many had tags and pictures of loved ones. They were the Families and friend of these 40 Hero's of Flight 93.

Many family members were in the area and at this point were leaving to return to their homes after meeting with President Obama. The clergy person above, had been on the TV earlier in the day offering his prayers for the families.

Sometimes New Media are not helpful, and I am sure they weren't this time either, but thinking about that a moment, they were recording, for us, a way to remember the events 10 years earlier. Not that it will help the Families and Friends, but to help our future generations get a glimpse of what happened 10 years ago, and today.

The Memorial Wall is incredible in it's design. Like other memorial walls, they have the names of those involved. But this wall is laid out in such a way, that it is the Path that Flight 93 was on when it hit the ground. (those pictures will be posted at a more appropriate time)

The Wall:

The Bells that were rung with the reading of the names.

A group of Native Americans were present at this sacred ground.

 As were hundreds, or thousands of "bikers", paying their respect.

The final landing of this airplane and the Sacred Ground of Flight 93.

We Will Remember

Flight 93 National Memorial 

Other Photo's of Flight 93

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