Monday, September 5, 2011

RestingSpot - a new tombstone application

My Cemetery Visiting friend at Granite In My Blood, posted this blog post recently.

Resting Spot

I had seen this new application a couple of days earlier, but didn't do anything about it. Midge, hinted that I would try it out. Well, I did.

More information on the Resting Spot application can be found here:

There is a write up on the application here:

and an example of the output:

Looks like a really cool utility to have in one's Cemetery Tool Kit.

My initial findings are this:

The Application, for the iPad, requires an active internet connection. Since my iPad 2 only has WiFi, I was unable to do anything, but to take a picture. Getting home, I was able to upload the image, BUT, the GPS information for the image was not from the cemetery.

Midge's experience with the developers at Resting Spot was very helpful, as was my experience with them. The response from my request to have the image removed, as the GPS information was my home, they removed the Memorial / Resting Spot.

I may try, at a later time, to allow my smart phone be a Hot Spot, and try to link the iPad 2 to the Hot Spot.

On their Website, there is a link to the iPhone / iPad APP Store, but the Android APP link is not currently active. In the discussion with the very helpful folk at Resting Spot, the Android APP should be out soon.

If you are interested:

Their Blog:

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Will await the Android APP and try it again.

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