Monday, December 26, 2011

Family Tree University Cemetery Research 101 - Lesson 2 - FInd a Cemetery

As if there isn't enough to do, I decided that I would take an online class offered at the Family Tree University on Cemetery Research: taught by Midge Frazel of Granite in my Blood fame.

I have been interested in digging a little deeper into the subject, after all I have given a couple of presentations on the us the Find-A-Grave website. Our second week assignment was on what we might do in preparation for a cemetery visit. Here is part of the presentation I have given in preparation for a Cemetery Visit.

First you have to find the cemetery.

This is from a real life experience. I was given a Name and the County where this person lived. Here is what I knew:

I went to the Find-A-Grave website and this is the first screen and where the search was made from.

The next screen I will enter USA, tab to the State, hit "n" until New Jersey appear, then selected Hunterdon County.

The results were 169 Cemeteries in Hunterdon County. Had to refine the search, so I added ONLY the Surname.

The results were 37 people with this surname, buried in 3 Cemeteries. The Cemeteries are listed on the Left.

In that list were three names that were who I was looking for.

All three were in the SAME cemetery. In this case, and other cases, DON'T jump to conclusions. These three names may or may not be related.

Clicking on the Cemetery Name, on the Right will take you to the Find-A-Grave page for that Cemetery.

On the left is the address, if there is one, for the cemetery. I have found a wide variety of detail in that space for any cemetery.

On the right is some helpful information, like the number of interments there. That is ONLY the number that has been added to Find-A-Grave be a volunteer. There is a search box to search for a specific name. Note: Just because a name isn't returned, doesn't mean that they aren't buried there.

Below the pictures on the Right, is a map.

Note the GPS information just above the Map.

Since I haven't been here before, I wanted to take a look at what the area looks like. I know my GPS will get me there, but what should I look for before I come up to the cemetery. Using the Satellite View is helpful.

Farm land on the Left and trees with some houses on the Right. But the cemetery looks like it will be easy to spot and it's right on the road. I should be driving from the top of the map to the bottom, so I will look for farmland to my right, and the trees and houses on the Left. BUT, what is the name of that road. Clicking on the Hybrid View will help me.

This is what I know, so far, about this Cemetery.

Another post will follow on determining IF this is a cemetery I want to visit. But now I know where this one is.

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