Monday, December 26, 2011

FTU - Cemetery Research 101 - Lesson 2 - Search the Cemetery

I recently posted this: Family Tree University Cemetery Research 101 - Lesson 2 - FInd a Cemetery.

That is how I find a cemetery and what I do in preparation for a visit to a cemetery. That is the physical location. Now, how about who has been recorded as being buried there. For Find-A-Grave, the "memorials" are created by volunteers. I am one of them, but that's a topic for another day. What I need to do now is get a handle on who might be there. It already appears that my person is buried there. In fact, there are three Hiram Deats listed, one with Jr, one with a middle initial of "E". But who else is there. We know that there are 37 people with this surname in 3 cemeteries in this county. Since my person is there, who else.

Back to the Cemetery page, we'll do a search.

The search box is on the Left, and is the 2nd box outlined in red. I generally start broadly then if I get too many results, will refine the search later. In this case, will just enter the Surname.

There are 21 people with this Surname in this Cemetery. including the 3 that had been listed before. There must be a story here, where most 21 of the 37 are buried here. Looks like it will be a successful trip.

Since my trip is to take pictures, of the one person I was looking for, here is the first Trick:

Trick One: Take a picture of the Cemetery Name or Sign, BEFORE taking any other pictures.

This tells me, that "the following pictures were taken at 'this' cemetery".

That should help. But, there was also another one. (2nd Picture)

The driveway was a little to the right of where this sign is, so I just walked forward toward the tree on the Left. There was a promising monument, and it was. It was a headstone for that Surname.

Looked around and found one of the three.

Can't be this easy. A large monument, and one of the three I had found before I left, but there were one a few headstones here, out of the 21 I expected to find. Not sure this is "my guy".

Next step: Look Around. Look at both sides of stones.

Continued to take pictures of my findings.

On the other side of that tree, mentioned earlier, was another monument.

This was THE monument I was looking for. Surrounding this monument were footstones. There is three generations of genealogical information, dates, relationships, on this one monument.

The first monument was found just to the left of the tree, where the first arrow is, and the large monument is where the left arrow is.

There must be a story here somewhere. Why the two plots, not that far apart in the same Cemetery.

Based on this one trip, taking pictures of the 'data', written in stone, recording that information and doing some Census Record searching, the family or families presented on that monument can be put together.

Lesson Learned: Do some research on the Cemetery you plan to visit before making the journey.

Lesson Learned: Keep looking around.

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