About This Blog

Over time, I have taken many pictures of Headstones of my wife's ancestors as well as my own. I will share them here. Information that is available will be posted as well.

In doing some family research for a friend of mine, I found a cemetery that was full of genealogy information for this friends ancestors. I found this specific Cemetery was found by using the Find-A-Grave website. Looking at that website and what is provides, I started to contribute to that website.

My Profile on Find-A-Grave can be found here:

Being a beginning Blogger and the Genealogy Blogging Community, I started to participating in Tombstone Tuesday, as weekly posting. This blog is part of that activity. It is hoped that it will have updates on Tuesdays.

A group of Bloggers started an online association, so I became A Member of the Association of Graveyard Rabbits.

And the rest, as they say, Is History.

If you have questions or comments, please leave a comment on the Blog.

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  1. Very nice endeavor, Russ! It as caused me to think about this activity some more. I've always been interested in finding graves, and have a few successes so far. Unfortunately I don't live in the same region as my ancestors, but perhaps that's just due to lack of searching. I'm sure I can find distant cousins that lived in my general area. :)

    ~Mike Bronner

  2. Mike,

    Thank you for the comment.

    Just a thought, and it has worked for me, Take pictures of your local cemetery (ies), post them on Find-A-Grave. Related to you or not.

    I have been dong this for a couple of years.

    Then, a couple of weeks ago, I saw a blog entry, for Tombstone Tuesday, and I found 4 of my ancestors headstones from Kansas. Not only that, but the Blogger went back a couple of weeks later and looked again.

    I double post my pictures. One here, and the other on Find-A-Grave. You just never know when one of your pictures will show up.

    I am going through about 12 years of cemetery headstones and putting them up a couple pictures a week, or sometimes I'll go in a spurt, like now.

    Good luck,


  3. thanx for doing this :)

    have a question.... you say these are people related to you or your wife ?? if so are we related in some way? my grandmother was Audrey E Larrison .... she was a fifty or so year resident of long valley (german valley) she lived accross the street from the old welsh farms ...... my mother is donna larrison .

    thanx again. my email is pcrepairman2906@yahoo.com

    1. anonymous,

      Some of the people on this blog are family. Many, however, are from cemeteries in the area where I live. Long Valley is over the mountain from where I live.

      Thank you,